Susan and Craig
Susan Thaemlitz has been a creative force working in arts and entertainment for more than twenty years. She co-produced the International Family Film Festival’s best feature film of 2008 and is in frequent demand to produce national TV commercials. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City serves as her safety net while she works through her international travel bucket list and tries to figure out how to become insanely rich by writing a travel blog.
Craig Stuart is a working stiff at his internet marketing job but flexes his creative muscles with various extra-curricular projects including co-producing an Off-Broadway play that has run in thirteen countries and creating a TV series that ran on Showtime. His degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California helped pave the way as he established himself as a leading voice in his industry but his quick wit and clever mocking is why they keep him around.
Susan and Craig have tolerated each other for two decades. Their shared love of hiking, scuba diving and traveling the world is the figurative rubber band that is twisted so taut around them neither can escape.
During more than 20 years as an illustrator and designer, Dack has collected a pile of proverbial gold stars. Though he is rarely seen without a target on his back — the result of his passion for political themes and caricatures that started when he was drawing political cartoons for the school paper as a Fine Arts student at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Thankfully a wide range of clients, from publishers to game designers, not-for profits to international brands, appreciate his whimsical approach. He plans to keep poking fun to inspire joy for his loyal following, with the hope that even his unwitting victims will smile.