Quotatious and clever. The illustrations, alone, are worth the cost of the book. Laugh-out-loud “truth bombs” provide groan-worthy examples of why it is important to be more hands-on involved in our Democracy (but only if you want it to succeed). Your vote DOES matter. I vote “YES” for Dotard (the book, not the politician). –Jori L. Hume
“Learning with Dotard (The Art of the Presidency)” is hilarious! Susan Thaemlitz and Craig Stuart have created the perfect stocking-stuffer for Christmas. Great illustrations by Dack Stevens shed light on the fumblings and bumbling of the orange-haired, short-fingered man currently sitting in the Oval Office. Well worth checking out! –Sebastian S.
We loved this book!!! It was very funny and relevant. The illustrations were awesome & clever. Our kids enjoyed the book. Even though it is satirical, it is also educational and fun. We are a politically split house, and we all enjoyed it. We kept one and gave some out as gifts. We look forward to the next book by these amazing authors! Thank you for your insight and creativity – it is great to be able to laugh in our current political environment. –S Luetje